Podcast: Do things before you think you're ready - In conversation with Melanie Mackie

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"Do things before you think you're ready...none of us know how things are going to play out - none of us do. You don't know, until you do it"

This week's podcast interview is with Melanie Mackie who is the Social Stylist and Founder at Scarletta Media. She works with female entrepreneurs and petite businesses to support and encourage them to powerfully show up online, speak their authentic truth, share their wisdom and expertise to create and establish their unique social style and living brands.

Melanie has been self-employed for 8 years, so it was great to hear her wisdom and insights when it comes to her experiences of being an entrepreneur during that time. We talked about perfectionism, self-compassion, and taking huge leaps of faith. Three words Melanie uses to describe her entrepreneurial journey so far are:

"Life changing, transformational, and enlightening"

What you'll learn by listening to this episode:

  • How Melanie took a huge leap of faith by leaving the corporate world to explore working for herself, and how “let’s just see how this goes” has served her very well.
  • Having a 100% virtual online business, for her, was not what it was cracked up to be, and the realization of how much she enjoyed 1:1 interaction.
  • Being in a mastermind is one of the best business decisions she has ever made, and why.
  • How trusting her intuition in making business and marketing decisions has been really helpful in getting her to where she is today.
  • The importance of self-compassion, and stopping to celebrate those successes along the way.
  • Finally, we discuss the topic of social media and self-validation, and where our feelings of validation actually come from.

Recommendations and Resources:

Melanie is running a one-day event in London on 29th September 2017. It's called Modern Day Marketing & Social Media Styling Workshop. For more information click here ==>

Where you can learn more about Melanie Mackie

Website: www.scarlettamedia.com LinkedIn:   linkedin.com/in/melaniemackie Twitter:      twitter.com/ScarlettaMedia Facebook: facebook.com/scarlettamedia Instagram: melmackie

Listen to the podcast

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