Podcast Episode 31 Hannah Collier On Her Business Journey So Far

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Hello, I'm delighted to introduce you to Hannah Collier who is this week's podcast guest.

Hannah is the founder of Cambridge Payroll and Cambridge Credit Control and has worked herself as a bookkeeper and payroller for well over 15 years. With a background in hospitality and catering, a previous publican and with a true love for small businesses, Hannah is able to use her vast experience to really help and nurture the businesses that she works with.

It’s a fact that so many people struggle with the finance side of their business and it often causes them a lot of stress and anxiety, what Hannah does with her business, takes all this stress away so they can concentrate on the bits they actually do love. 

When I asked Hannah what three words sum up her entrepreneurial journey she said:

Hard Work, Planning, and Belief. 

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Themes covered during our conversation:

  • Don't try and do it all - it's important to outsource, we can't be good at everything. 
  • The point at when she knew it was time to bring on her first employee, into the company. 
  • Going out for a morning run is where Hannah does all her thinking. 
  • How networking has been invaluable, not just for the marketing and sales, but moreso the support, conversation, and feedback. 
  • The one piece of advice a fellow 'masterminder' said to her that helped her to step into and own her MD/CEO status.

What Hannah says:

"You don't have to think you've failed because you can't do everything"


"You've got to be physically strong when you're running a business because it is long hours, it's stressful, it pulls you in all different directions and you have to look after your health."

Where you can learn more about Hannah

Cambridge Payroll 




Resources and recommendations:

Native Brand

Allbright Collective 

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