Clarity Coaching for busy, entrepreneurial minds 


"Coaching is a way to get more out of yourself than you can get on your own"

Michael Neill

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If you're curious to know what it would be like for us to do some coaching together, then I invite you to experience it - first hand.

Think of something you've been preoccupied with in your mind recently; that's what I suggest you bring to the session.

We might as well make it count, right?

I offer a complimentary one-hour coaching conversation, via video/audio call that you can use for any area you like: work, life, health, wellbeing, or relationships.

Then, if you like what we do together and we agree there's a good connection, we can then create a coaching programme you feel comfortable with. 

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sarah Swanton, Coach & Founder of Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

  • “I felt different: about everything. It's like the most obvious thing in the world is right in front of you, but you can't see it, and then suddenly it becomes clear and you wonder how on earth you didn't see it before. As well as those sudden clarity moments, it's also very grounding and confidence boosting – something entrepreneurs often need a healthy dollop of along their journey! Learning to listen and trust in your own wisdom for your life is very empowering. ”

    Founder of The Little Creative Workshop

  • “Sarah is incredibly supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental. I particularly loved how she didn't allow me to frame anything as a "failure", and was very focused on highlighting the positives, which I think is really important for those of us who hold ourselves to often too-high standards.”

    Founder of Selling From The Heart

  • “Sarah is a fantastic support for any entrepreneur who is looking to get over mental, business performance or emotional blocks. What I liked about working with Sarah is that she understands entrepreneurs so well and her support is fully solution focused, helping you work constructively towards what you want to achieve, rather than delving into why you feel "damaged" or unable to breakthrough your own barriers. Superbly helpful!”

    The Geek Whisperer

  • “I cannot recommend Sarah enough. My sessions with her were invaluable and although I cannot distinctively say when my outlook changed, they have had a significant impact on me and my business. My thought processes are different and I am able to look forward with a much more positive vibe. She managed to unlock the blocks that were holding me back and I feel excited for the future. Thanks so much Sarah you have made an enormous difference to my business and personal life.”

    Founder of The Umbrella Tree

  • “After just one session with Sarah I felt a huge sense of relief. I came to our call feeling confused and uncertain about where to take my business. Sarah helped me to shift my perspective so that rather than reverting to my default position of thinking my way out of the uncertainty, I can tune into - and trust - my own inner wisdom. As well as some real gems of insight to help keep my mindset in check, I also came away with practical advice that will ensure I continue to move forward in my business. Thank you Sarah! ”

    Founder of BettyLou

Have questions or want to clarify something? Drop me a line to and I'll be happy to answer anything for you.