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Permission To Take A Load Off!

Permission to take a load off.png

There's a scene in Pretty Women where Vivian (Julia Roberts) tells Edward (Richard Gere) to 'take a load off'.

Now, maybe she thought he was wearing too many layers, or perhaps her invitation was to chill out because as CEO of his own company, he was behaving a little stressed out and busy. 

Have you noticed that as business owners, we're very good at adding more to our To Do List? We fill our weeks with so much stuff!

We don't notice it at first, we think we're helping ourselves. 'if I...

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Blog Post: Dealing with disappointment and setback (the story of my week!)

Dealing with Disappointmentand setbacks sized for FB.png

I felt the pop in my calf and instantly knew something was wrong. Minutes earlier I'd been happily hitting a tennis ball over the net, and now I was hobbling about in agony. 

It was a sprain in my calf muscle, and little did I know that my mode of transport, for now, would be...a shiny new pair of crutches. That wasn't in the plan for this week?

Derailed. Somewhat. 

So what happens when things don't go to plan? When we get thrown a few curveballs we weren't expecting, yet the...

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Blog Post: Focus On The Process, Not The Outcome

_If you focus on theprocess, you aremore likely to attain the outcome_.png

I've been reading George Kao's book Joyful Productivity, and I really like this quote: "If you focus on the process, you are more likely to attain the outcome."

I like it because as business owners, I think we sometimes (quite innocently) focus our attention in the wrong direction. We focus on: 
- Having enough money in our every month; 
- A diary full of clients;
- Every place sold on our online course;
- Having a best seller on Amazon;
- Losing weight.

Although these are all...

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Blog Post: What Does Running 'My Biz My Way' Really Look Like?

My Biz My Way_.png

It's March 2018, and I've just finished reading my third book of the year.

My ambitions at the start of the year of 'read one book a week', have since been revised to 'just one a month will be fine'. There would've been a time when the internal conversation would've been more along the lines of "for goodness sake, why can't you stick to ANYTHING you say you're going to do, please?" (more on that later). The first book I read this year was My Biz My Way by Judith Morgan and I'm so pleased I...

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Blog Post: The 'Inner Journey' Of Being An Entrepreneur (warts and all)

Blog Post The Inner Journey Of Being An Entrepreneur FB size.png

If you've been listening to The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast recently, or receive my weekly newsletter, you'll often hear me talk about how the entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs, and twists and turns. What you'll also hear me say is that the rocky ride is all quite normal and expected; and actually, the closer we can sail to the reality of that, the less likely we are to feel frustrated, fed up, or disappointed when things don't go our way.

But let's talk about...

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