The Effortless Path To Success

Next enrolment: Spring 2019

A six week group coaching programme for entrepreneurs who want to create a successful and meaningful life without hustle, bustle & struggle.

Do you get the sense that the way you're working isn't working?

Each morning you sit at your desk with great intentions for a productive day. But by the end of it, you're feeling tired, frustrated and defeated. You think about your to-do list and it feels never-ending (and that's just the work stuff!).

A thought crosses your mind "if everyone would just leave me alone, then I'd be fine - I could finally catch up!" but then you feel guilty or ungrateful for even thinking that.

Not easy is it sometimes? This working for yourself lark.  

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Then you look on Facebook or Instagram and think 'how come everyone else has got their s*** together?'

To you it's a wonder anything gets done around here, with what you're up against most days: distractions, frustrations, time pressures and a head full of worry that's almost become 'normal'. 

And yet despite that, you LOVE the work you do, and things DO get done, because they wouldn't not, right?

Because you're you.

But I want to ask you something...

What if I could show you a whole new way of working that feels lighter, easier, more enjoyable, while still creating results in your business, would you be interested?

And what if that new way of working had such a positive impact on the rest of your life that you found you had more time, energy and headspace for the people and things that matter most to you in life?

You see, all around us, we're given the message that hard work, hustle and long hours is the key to a successful business. That eventually, you'll have earned the right to rest, but for now, it's push, push, push until you get there.

Well, some of us are beginning to ask the question - is that really true? 

And where the heck is there anyway, please??

That's why I created The Effortless Path To Success

A group coaching programme for entrepreneurs who've had enough of hustle, bustle and struggle and want a fresh, new way to look at their life and business. 

- Six Live Weekly Calls - 

For six weeks, on Mondays at 8pm we gather together for a call via Zoom. We'll begin with a mini masterclass, and it's opportunity for you to sit back, let the words absorb you and allow yourself to be impacted.

Then you have the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching within the group. Bring anything you like to the table. If you prefer to sit quietly and listen to others being coached, that's okay too. Lots of insights and 'aha' moments happen when listening to others having their own realisations. 

And if you have to miss a call? Don't worry, all calls will be recorded, and you get lifetime access to this programme.

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- Topics we'll be covering -

Week 1: From Overwhelm to Clarity

Week 2: The Truth about Negative Thoughts

Week 3: Self Belief & Confidence

Week 4: Uncovering the Joy of Sales & Marketing

Week 5: Ditch the Control Freak!

Week 6: Work/Life/Family Balance

- Facebook Community - 

Now, if Facebook were a house party, you'd find us in the kitchen! This group provides a quieter, calmer space for you to pause, reflect, ask questions and share any insights as you move through this transformative programme. 

Here, you'll meet like-minded, thoughtful entrepreneurs who are on a similar path to you, and you'll realise you're not alone as you become part of a community of people who are all looking in the direction of happy, healthy and successful self-employment.  

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Meet your guide

Hello, I’m Sarah Swanton, and one of the reasons I set up Happy Healthy Entrepreneur is...

I believe the world needs happier healthier entrepreneurs doing good, and making positive, meaningful and worthwhile contributions to society, so we can all feel a bit happier, and connected to one another as a human race.

That's the world I want to live in, and I sense you do too, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So if you've been questioning whether business and life really needs to feel *this* hard, then you can relax, because you're in good company.

It's time to call off the search!

What others have said about working with me...

  • “I felt different: about everything. It's like the most obvious thing in the world is right in front of you, but you can't see it, and then suddenly it becomes clear and you wonder how on earth you didn't see it before. As well as those sudden clarity moments, it's also very grounding and confidence boosting – something entrepreneurs often need a healthy dollop of along their journey! Learning to listen and trust in your own wisdom for your life is very empowering. ”

    Founder of The Little Creative Workshop

  • “Sarah is incredibly supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental. I particularly loved how she didn't allow me to frame anything as a "failure", and was very focused on highlighting the positives, which I think is really important for those of us who hold ourselves to often too-high standards.”

    Founder of Selling From The Heart

  • “Sarah is a fantastic support for any entrepreneur who is looking to get over mental, business performance or emotional blocks. What I liked about working with Sarah is that she understands entrepreneurs so well and her support is fully solution focused, helping you work constructively towards what you want to achieve, rather than delving into why you feel "damaged" or unable to breakthrough your own barriers. Superbly helpful!”

    The Geek Whisperer

Have questions or want to clarify something? Drop me a line to and I'll be happy to answer anything for you. 

If the way you're working isn't working, I hope you'll join us on what promises to be an insightful and impactful journey for both you and your business!

With love, Sarah x